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The electronics and computer industries have undergone, perhaps more than any other, consistent and radical change over the past half-century—changes with significant implications for related IP rights protection. And this evolution is not likely to stop any time soon. As product parts and chips are further miniaturized and as software, processing, and storage capacity continues to expand, it is vital for hired counsel to keep apace. Gottlieb, Rackman & Reisman has some of the most experienced practitioners of computer and electronics IP law—accomplished attorneys with highly specialized training who have been working at the forefront of these industries for more than 35 years.

Notable Achievements

In the intricate area of color correction of motion pictures, our client was manufacturing its own computer-controlled system that allowed individual colors in each scene to be corrected and recorded on videotape. A competitor sued our client for patent infringement and also sued all of the other manufacturers and leading users of other versions of the equipment. After virtually all of the other accused infringers had settled, we advised our client to proceed to trial rather than capitulate. The patent owner resumed negotiations with our client during the trial and the ultimate settlement was far more favorable than those which the other companies had obtained. Our tenacity in challenging the patent and developing stronger defenses contributed significantly to this result.

We worked with a media client to create and file numerous patent applications on a new consumer electronics product. The patents were subsequently included in an industry pool that generated hundreds of millions of dollars in benefits for our client.

An engineer who had developed a microprocessor-based device for managing e-mail messages approached us for counseling assistance. After examining and considering the various means of protection available under many intersecting IP laws, we decided on obtaining broad patents for the inventor who has since been able to capitalize on these registrations by selling and licensing them for substantial monetary sums.

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Gottlieb, Rackman & Reisman's attorneys keep apace of the consistent changes in these industries.


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