It’s been said that intellectual property protection is the savvy accessory designer’s best friend. At Gottlieb, Rackman & Reisman, we’ve spent our more than 35 years helping prove this adage true.Jewelry

With a reputation for excellence in markets across the U.S. and around the world, we have represented a number of the most celebrated jewelry designers working today: famous names, top sellers, iconic lines and the like. By acting swiftly to secure and protect our clients’ designs, our attorneys are able to pursue infringers, defend against infringement charges, plot out licensing plans and acquire global rights—all while helping clients turn their gifted artistry into greater and more diversified success.

Noteworthy Achievements

In a case involving a well-known jewelry designer behind the widely popular "baby shoe" pendants, we obtained a preliminary injunction against an active counterfeiter, securing a recall of their knock-off charms. The Court held that our client’s copyright registration, covering all 12 original pendants, was valid, and that the collection was protected by trade dress as well.

Our client owned a registered trademark for a line of jewelry. A large Internet shopping network registered this same trademark as a domain name and began selling jewelry on the site. After a preliminary injunction trial hearing, the Court held that our client’s registration was valid and had been infringed, and the network was ordered to change the site’s name.

On behalf of a prominent costume jewelry designer, we brought an action against a company that was manufacturing designs modeled closely on our client’s—and another against a company advertising the infringing product in its catalog. The catalog house insisted that our claim of copyright infringement rested on our client’s ability to prove that the catalog house knew of the infringement. The Court upheld our position that knowledge was not a prerequisite to a finding of infringement, and ruled in our client’s favor.

On behalf of a prominent jewelry designer and manufacturer, we filed a copyright infringement action against an Italian competitor and its central U.S. customer. In the course of litigation, we found cause to suspect that a document the defendant was relying on for their defense was a fabrication. Partly as a result of bringing this issue to the Court’s attention, our client obtained a significant monetary default judgment against the rival manufacturer.

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It’s been said that intellectual property protection is the savvy accessory designer’s best friend.

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