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The industries of media, sports, and entertainment have in common a markedly visible place in the public eye. Gottlieb, Rackman & Reisman represents many notables from these high profile, high-stakes industries, and our reputation for recognizing the content, value, and potential of a clients’ intellectual property portfolio is second to none. Our attorneys have worked with major sports leagues both here and abroad; multinational media conglomerates of wide renown; big-name athletes; artists; and more. Whether devising a global licensing program for a famous sports figure, acquiring rights protection for a broadcasting association, or helping an independent content provider to secure basic IP portfolio rights, we bring the same drive, creativity, force, and foresight to each and every party we have the privilege to represent.

Notable Achievements

  • On behalf of a film subtitling company, we filed a contempt proceeding to enforce a court ordered injunction against a rival company using a shared trademark for subtitling services in an unauthorized manner. Our proceeding showed that the injunction had clearly delineated the respective rights of the parties as per the underlying litigation. The Court agreed, finding the opposing party to be in civil contempt. The Court further ordered that a copy of the injunction be translated and provided to employees with regular contact with customers in the U.S.
  • We worked with a media client to create and file numerous patent applications on a new consumer electronics product. The patents were subsequently included in an industry pool that generated hundreds of millions of dollars in benefits for our client.
  • On behalf of a famous female tennis player, we negotiated a sponsorship and licensing agreement with a well-known German perfume company based in Cologne. With the benefit of our counsel, the agreement was broadened to include live appearances and a larger number of consumer goods to be marketed worldwide.
  • We led our client, a world-renowned foreign soccer federation, into a multi-million dollar agreement with a major United States sporting goods company for the design, manufacture, and sale of the federation’s jerseys and athletic footwear products. We ensured that the contract was drafted in English and Spanish and arranged for the inclusion of an arbitration provision based on the sport’s rules and Swiss negotiation guidelines.
  • We undertook a set of actions in China, on behalf of our client, a well-known professional basketball player. The actions sought to stop the manufacture and sale of infringing athletic footwear products bearing the player’s name. With the assistance of the Administration for Industry & Commerce, two raids were successfully completed at the manufacturing site close to the Korean border, and 48,000 pairs of unauthorized shoes were confiscated. Because of our persistence, the trademark registrations for the athlete’s name, signature, and identifying phrases gained unilateral recognition and rights protection, both of landmark importance at the time.
  • Our client, a major entertainment company, had developed some concepts that became crucial for making, recording, and distributing entertainment programs. After extensive consultation with their technical and product development personnel, we constructed a portfolio to cover their many innovative processes and concepts. As a result of this work, the company went on to participate in several joint ventures with others in their field, exploiting the contents of their portfolio to secure a number of very lucrative licensing agreements.

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We bring the same drive, creativity, force, and foresight to each and every party we have the privilege to represent.
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