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Barry R. Lewin—Innovative Energy and the Law, The Connector, September 2017

David D. Rodrigues—Right to Link: EU Considers Imposing Fees for Referencing Other Websites in Your Online Content, September 2017

Jonathan M. Purow—Copyright Law and AI-Created Works, September 2017

David D. Rodrigues—Protecting IP Rights in Unstable Regions, August 2017

Barry R. Lewin—The Importance of Broadness in a Patent Application's Written Description, July 2017

Marc P. Misthal—Copyright and the Myth of the "Ten Percent Rule," July 2017

Barry R. Lewin—Trademark Protection for the Fashion Industry, The Connector, July 2017

Barry R. Lewin—When Do Patent Rights Expire? Patent Rights and the First Sale Doctrine, June 2017

Mitchell S. Feller—Key IP Considerations For The Computer Gaming Industry, Law360, May 2017

Mitchell S. Feller—Recent Court Rumblings about a Narrow Scope of IPR Estoppel, IPWatchdog, April 2017

Jonathan A. Malki—What Not to Share--Copyright in the Digital World, April 2017

Mitchell S. Feller—The Increasing Importance of Obtaining Patent Opinions and Obtaining them Early, April 2017

Barry R. Lewin—More Post-Alice Guidance, March 2017

Jonathan M. Purow—GR&R Obtains Favorable TTAB Decision Canceling Bad Faith Application, March 2017

Mitchell S. Feller—U.S. Supreme Court Significantly Limits Where Patent Lawsuits Can Be Filed, March 2017

Marc P. Misthal—Restaurants and Intellectual Property: A Recipe for Success, March 2017

Barry R. Lewin—Overcoming Scams and Counterfeits, The Connector, March 2017

Mitchell S. Feller—2017 Supreme Court Patent Roundup - Part 1, March 2017

Jeffrey M. Kaden—Why File For Design Patent Protection, February 2017

Donna Mirman—Display for Coney Island Boardwalk Custard Does Not Pass Muster, February 2017

Barry R. Lewin—Patent Claims Must Be, At Least, Reasonably Definite, January 2017

Diana Muller—Michael Jordan and His Efforts to Gain Control of His Trademark Rights in China, January 2017

Barry R. Lewin—Claim Interpretation--How Far Can an Examiner Go in Determining How Broad a Claim Is?, January 2017

Jonathan M. Purow—IP Tutorial for Fashion Designers, Small Biz Club, December 2016

Donna Mirman—Will the Real Kardashian Please Stand Up, December 2016

Mitchell Feller—Samsung v. Apple--U.S. Supreme Court Changes and Complicates the Standard for Design Patent Damages, December 2016

Donna Mirman—SCOTUS Takes on the Musical Group "The Slants," November 2016

Marc P. MisthalSpoiler Alert! Legal Risks for Works Created by Fans, November 2016

Diana Muller—Trademark Protection on Promotional Products, November 2016

Michael NesheiwatDoing Business Abroad? Brexit and Its
Implications on Your Data Practices, Thomson Reuters's Westlaw Journal, September 2016

David D. RodriguesOpen Source License Conditions, September 2016

David D. RodriguesCopyrights and Software, September 2016

David D. RodriguesWhat you Need to Know about Open Source Code and an Open Source License, September 2016

Jeffrey Kaden—Patent Protection and the Novelty Requirement, September 2016

Barry Lewin—Five Steps for Leveraging your Startup’s Emerging Intellectual Property, September 2016

Jonathan A. Malki—Just Desserts: The Short and Sweet of Trade Dress Litigation, Trademarks + Brands, August 2016

Barry Lewin—Just What is Plagiarism Anyway?, August 2016

Marc P. MisthalThree Things to Consider Before Registering Hashtags as Trademarks, July 2016

Barry Lewin—Another Type of Invention that May Overcome Alice, July 2016

Mitchell Feller—A Look at Patent Protection for the Internet of Things, Law360, July 2016

Jason Wachter—Social Media, Apps, and Patent Eligibility, June 2016

Barry LewinThe Intersection of Design and Utility Patents, June 2016

Mitchell Feller—New Test for Willful Infringement from the Supreme Court and the Increased Importance of Patent Opinions, June 2016

Marc P. MisthalRisk of Violating Right of Publicity Is Increasing, Law360, May 2016

Barry Lewin—New Guidance for Examiners Relative to Whether a Claim is Limited to an Abstract Idea, May 2016

Mitchell Feller—Alice Update--Patentability of Software Related Inventions--Enfish v. Microsoft, May 2016

Diana Muller—The Infamous El Chapo Name Triggers Trademark Issues, Thompson Reuters Westlaw Journal, May 2016

Barry Lewin—A Golfing Tool for All , April 2016

Jeffrey Kaden—Patent Term Basics, April 2016

Barry Lewin—Enhanced Damages in Patent Cases—Is a New Standard Emerging?, April 2016

Jeffrey Kaden—Seeking International Patent Protection—The PCT Option, March 2016

Barry Lewin—Why It Is Important to Consider Design Patents, March 2016

Jonathan Purow—Virtual Reality May Create Novel IP Issues in the Real World, Law360, March 2016

Barry Lewin—Skateboarding Experience Redesigned—Entrepreneur Patents the World's Only Suspension Skate Truck, Sports & Entertainment Beat Blog, March 2016

Michael NesheiwatEU-US Privacy Shield—Business Considerations for US Companies Doing Business in the EU, The IP Brief, March 2016

Barry Lewin—USPTO Launches Global Dossier Website—Allows Real-Time Visibility into Multi-Jurisdictional Patent Applications, February 2016

Diana Muller—El Chapo, A Criminal: Can He Register His Name and Profit From It?, Corsearch Trademarks + Brands blog, January 2016

Jonathan PurowPlanting the Seeds for IP Protection of Marijuana Brands, Law360, December 2015

Marc P. MisthalThe Power of the Force is Insignificant next to the Power of Licensing, December 2015

Jonathan PurowThe Crazy, Litigious, Honey Badger, The Connector, December 2015

Mitchell Feller—Marking: One Simple Thing Patent Owners Can Do to Avoid Waiving Their Right to Collect Pre-Suit Infringement Damages (page 26), Lawyer Monthly, November 2015

Maria SavioLuxury Brand Makes Inroads in Combating Digital Counterfeiting, The Connector, November 2015

Diana MullerSocial Media in Sports: a Whole New Ball Game for Athletes and Celebrities, (page 218), Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property (ASIPI), November 2015

Diana MullerSports Brands, Protection and Enforcement; Are Manufacturers and Distributors Playing by the Rules? (page 203), Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property (ASIPI), November 2015

Barry LewinUsing Intellectual Property as Differentiators for Small Businesses, Small Business Education Center, October 2015

Jonathan PurowCrash Course in Intellectual Property, College Startup Magazine, October 2015

Barry LewinPatent Granted for Method of Creating a Music Playlist, Sports & Entertainment Beat Blog, October 2015

Marc P. MisthalLooks Can be Deceiving--Protectable Elements of a Pill's Appearance, Pharma Compliance Monitor, October 2015

Jonathan A. Malki—Cease & Desist from "Rockin' in the Free World:" Copyright and Campaign Songs, Sports & Entertainment Beat Blog, September 2015

George Gottlieb and Jonathan PurowA Fine Distinction Between Inspiration and Infringement, Intellectual Property Magazine, September 2015

Michael Nesheiwat"Happy Birthday:" a Song Without a Copyright, September 2015

Jeffrey M. KadenEnd in Sight for Slipper Patent Fight!, The Patent Lawyer, September 2015

Donna L. MirmanMardi Gras Bead Dog Trademarks Cancelled, The Connector, September 2015

Barry LewinPatent Granted to a High School Basketball Player, Sports & Entertainment Beat Blog, August 2015

Diana MullerIncreased IP Awareness by Professional Athletes and Subsequent Effects on Trademark Registration, Social Media Usage, and Online Impersonation, August 2015

Maria SavioWho Your Friends Are Matters, August 2015

Barry LewinEssential Step to Protect Your Start-up, The Connector, August 2015

Jonathan PurowPlay "3C" Ruled a Protected Parody of "Three's Company, Sports & Entertainment Beat Blog, July 2015

Marc P. MisthalCan You Use Your Name as a Brand Name?, July 2015

Jonathan A. MalkiAll That Glitters Isn't Gold: The Permanent Unprotectability of Generic Trademarks, The Connector, July 2015


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