Entering the U.S. Market

In an effort to develop your business internationally, you may be considering the United States as your next target market.

Whether you have a trademark, marketing strategy, logo, design or simply an idea that needs evaluation, understanding what makes the U.S. market distinct will be vital to your success. Equally important: understanding which trademark, copyright and patent laws apply to your particular business.

Along with intellectual property protocols, you might require counsel on related corporate matters, taxes, customs, FTA or FDA regulations. And if you’re seeking a local partner for your venture—a company interested in or equipped to commercialize your products—or for a licensee, we can find you the right contacts and track down the most appropriate experts to help facilitate the process while addressing your concerns.

Gottlieb, Rackman & Reisman has been serving European, Asian and Latin American individuals and companies, along with multinational U.S.-based entities, for over three decades. This work keeps us well-versed in cultural differences, and allows us to negotiate substantive agreements and handle litigation on behalf of international companies with ease.

If you’re looking to expand into the U.S. market, we welcome you to contact our offices to discuss the best, most cost efficient, international IP protection program for you.

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