Gottlieb, Rackman & Reisman represents numerous restaurant clients, including many well known restaurant groups and chains. We help our restaurant clients develop a strategy to create and maintain a strong brand through the use of different intellectual property law tools. For example, we utilize trademarks to protect the names and logos of restaurants so that a competing business cannot use a confusingly similar name or logo. Likewise, we advise our clients on how to best create trade dress rights to protect the look and feel of the restaurant. We guide our clients on how to protect recipes as trade secrets and to prevent employees from starting a competing business through the use of confidentiality and non-compete agreements.

Our recent activities for several restaurants which have been expanding their areas of operation have included careful selection of new names and logos and accompanying searches to insure that a new restaurant commences operation with a "clean" record, i.e., no significant conflicts with other food service or food product providers. As soon as the prospective name is determined to be available, applications to register the name are filed in the appropriate office, whether federal or state; we follow through in prosecuting such applications and maintain meticulous docketing records to preserve registrations obtained by our clients.

We are vigilant at enforcing the rights of our restaurant clients through litigation and have obtained preliminary injunctions to prevent the opening and operation of competing restaurants that violate our client's rights. We also have been successful at defending restaurants against claims that they have infringed upon another restaurant's rights.

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